International MOS-AK Workshop , Beijing, China June 14-16, 2018

Electronic paper submission and deadlines

To encourage timely reporting of the latest results and have better opportunities to expand papers for possible journal publications, prospective authors are invited to submit a 1 page extended abstract in English. The manuscript should emphasize original contributions and key findings, including figures, diagrams and results from both simulations and measurements. References should be clearly cited and up-to-date. If accepted, technical committee will review the manuscript and excellent paper will be recommended further publication in the renowned Journal. By submitting a manuscript, the authors promise that, if accepted, at least one of them will attend MOS-AK with full registration.


Manuscript submission

Manuscript submission deadline: 28th May 2018 (Monday)

Submission notice:

Notification of Acceptance: 4th June 2018 (Monday)

Submission of final manuscript: 11th June 2018 (Monday)



All must made through the MOS-AK Peking 2018 portal:  

Please send 1 page abstract  to or

1-page abstract format

Paper publication:

Accepted paper will be published in:

International Journal of High Speed Electronics and Systems (EI Index)

(Specific issue for one year MOS-AK activity, final version is end of 2018)


Print ISSN: 0129-1564

Online ISSN: 1793-6438       







Will be reviewed by MOS-AK technical program members and edited by :






Final version of specific issue will be completed by end of 2017