International MOS-AK Workshop , XiAn, China August 11-13, 2021

GaN RF/Microwave Device Technology , and Device Modeling with 

                                 ASM-HEMT Model




Dr. Sourabh Khandelwal- Macquarie University 




         Dr. Sourabh Khandelwal is the lead author of industry standard ASM-HEMT model at the CMC (See: His research on GaN modeling with ASM-HEMT is funded by multi-national companies including Cree USA, Analog Devices USA, Northrop Grumman USA, Ampleon Netherlands, EPC USA, and Qorvo USA. Dr. Khandelwal was Postdoctoral researcher at the BSIM group at the University of California Berkeley USA from 2013 to 2017. He is currently Senior Lecturer/Assistant Professor at the Macquarie University Sydney. He is a nominated member of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Design Automation Committee. He has published over 150 research papers, and 2 books on semiconductor device modeling and simulations. 


Draft of training course (11th. August)

GaN RF/Microwave Device Technology: 2 hours 30 mins + 30 mins (Q & A)

· GaN device operation

· GaN device fabrication flow

· GaN HEMT device design process and the device design tradeoffs

· Emerging GaN device architectures

Self-aligned GaN devices for W-band and G-band applications

Superlattice castellated three-dimensional GaN for best-in-class GaN switches


GaN Non-linear Device Modeling with ASM-HEMT: 2 hours 30 mins + 30 mins (Q & A)

· ASM-HEMT Model overview

· I-V modeling with ASM-HEMT

· Non-linear large signal modeling flow with ASM-HEMT model

De-embedding methods for accurate modeling

Small-signal modeling with ASM-HEMT

Large signal modeling with ASM-HEMT

· Trapping effects in GaN HEMTs and their modeling with ASM-HEMT

· GaN power amplifier circuits

Non-linearity, AM/PM nonlinearity analysis

Importance of accurate field-plate modeling in GaN HEMTs

·  Circuit-Device Co-optimization with ASM-HEMT for optimal performance