International MOS-AK Workshop , XiAn, China August 11-13, 2021

   The International MOS-AK Workshop in XiAn, China, is dedicated to advanced electronic and photonic devices. MOS-AK modeling group and circle has more than 20 years enabling R&D exchange. For additional detailed info, please refer to MOS-AK website:

  With the aggressive scaling of CMOS technologies and constantly emerging diversified devices, accurate device modeling technique poses severe challenge to circuit and system designers, in particular for RF/MW/mmW/THz/Photonics. With this background, the workshop aims to strengthen a network and discussion forum among experts in the field, provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of the leading edge research and development results of Compact Modeling, Characterization and Simulation techniques for advanced devices, circuits and technologies. Modeling and validation technique of all solid-state devices, including, Si, III-V, power, nanoscale electronic structures and other related new devices are within the scope of the conference. The theme of MOS-AK is “Bridge of Process Technology and Integrated Circuits & Systems Design”.

     The International MOS-AK Workshop will be held on 12-13th August, 2021 in XiAn, China. Place is  XiDian University. The main goal is to exchange compact modeling (CM) related know-how and promote modeling technique to support semiconductor industry. In addition to oral presentations, distinguished experts in the modeling field will be invited to deliver keynote speeches on significant trends, advancements and applications in areas related to the theme. On 11th.August. 2021, we also prepare for 1-day training course related to “ GaN RF/Microwave Device Technology , and device modeling with ASM-HEMT model ”held by Dr Sourabh Khandelwal.  

    We welcome company to show their latest equipment, tools or other stuff related to the compact modeling. After workshop, extremely excellent papers will be selected and recommended for publication in the renowned Journal such as Weily’s International Journal of Microwave and Optical Technology Letters special issue.