International MOS-AK Workshop , Chengdu, China June 20-22, 2019

Note: all presenters will be free of registeration fee for MOS-AK chengdu workshop

  (凡是最后投稿录取并上台演讲的人员,免21-22日的MOS-AK 注册费)

Final presenter and time arrangement sequence could be with tiny variation due to personal reason. (最终演讲顺序, 人员可能调整,请留意现场安排)

Student design competition: 



As part of the technical program, the Student Design Competition (SDC) is one of the most  energetic parts of MOSAK. The SDCs have proven to be very successful events in the past years, as evidenced by the ever increasing student participation and the support it has enjoyed  from  the  organizers,  both  logistically  and  financially. The  MOSAK2019  in  ChengDu  will  continue the legendary tradition of enthusiasm with a very strong SDC program.

TC number and name:

YFEN—Sichuan YiFeng Electronic Science & Technology Co., LTD


The title of Student Design Competition:

 Wide band power amplifier



 Sichuan YiFeng Electronic Science & Technology Co., LTD


Primary contact name(s), email address, and phone number (of host or competition  leader(s)):


Mr. Qiyu Wang             0086(0)2861962718

 Ms. Qing Zeng               0086(0)2861962718